Western Red Cedar Bevel Siding

Authentic Natural Cedar Wood Siding

Cedar Siding Bevel House

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11/16" x 6" Plain Bevel
11/16" x 8" Plain Bevel

Special Order

15/16" x 8" Plain Bevel
15/16" x 10" Plain Bevel
15/16" x 12" Plain Bevel
3/4" x 10" Plain Bevel
5/4" x 10" Rabbeted Bevel
5/4" x 8" Rabbeted Bevel

Clear Cedar Siding Bevel House

Clear Cedar Bevels

Special Order

1/2" x 4" Finger-Joint Pre-primed Clear Cedar Bevel
1/2" x 6" Finger-Joint Pre-primed Clear Cedar Bevel
1/2" x 4" Clear A/Btr Cedar Bevel
1/2" x 6" Clear A/Btr Cedar Bevel

Siding Finger Joint Pre-Primed Clear Cedar Bevel

1/2" x 4" or 1/2" x 6" Finger-Joint Pre-Primed Clear Cedar Bevel

Plain Bevel Siding

Plain Bevel Siding

Tight knot plain bevel is generally graded to the bandsawn face for textured effect and enhanced stain absorption. 4-8" bevel recommended 1" overlap, 10" bevel recommended 1.25" overlap and 12" bevel recommended 1.5" overlap nailed as per diagram above.

*Under no circumstances should the nail go through both pieces of siding. It limits independent expansion and contraction of each piece which can lead to splitting.*

Rabbeted Bevel Siding

Rabbeted Bevel

Widths 6" and smaller use 1 nail 1"-1/2" above the bottom of the piece.

Wide Rabbit Nail

Widths 8" and over use 2 nails 3" to 4" apart.

Rabbeted Bevel Spacing

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