Alaskan Yellow Cedar Decking

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Decking Bozeman Mt V2

Available Dimensions:

2" x 4" Eased Edge
2" x 6" Eased Edge
5/4" x 6" Radius Edge
4" x 4" Eased Edge

Benefits of Alaskan Yellow Cedar Decking

The natural beauty and decay resistance of Alaskan Yellow Cedar make it ideal for decking. It is also one of the strongest cedars with strength values comparable to Douglas Fir. Beauty, strength and durability make Alaskan Yellow Cedar very versatile. Left in its natural state, it turns a silver hue that is both elegant and stately.

The cedar is found in Southeast Alaska and down the coast of Canada into British Columbia. Historically, Alaskan Yellow Cedar was the preferred wood for boat building. Master boat builders chose it for its strength, durability and decay resistance. These same unique qualities are present in our products today, just as they have been for generations.

You can depend on many years of service from Alaskan Yellow Cedar.

Port Orford Finished Cedar Deck

Installation Hints

SPACING: When using kiln-dried products, leave 1/4"-5/16"spacing (carpenter's pencil width) between boards.

FASTENING: When screwing joints or ends of boards, pre-drilling is recommended to avoid splitting. Do not over screw! Screws should be driven flush with the surface of the deck otherwise you create a hole which could hold water or dirt. Two screws in the face will always give the most holding power. Hidden deck fastener systems are also available. Hidden deck fasteners do not have the holding power of two screws in the face but they do have a cleaner look with the screws out of sight.

STAINING & FINISHING: We recommend Messmers UV+ semi-transparent stain. This is a penetrating natural stain which contains ultra-violet blockers and provides an excellent level of penetration and protection from the elements. Paints and solid stains are not recommended. Light colors are recommended over dark shades because they do not absorb heat as readily and will not become two-toned in high traffic areas.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar New Deck Off River

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Deck Off River

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Weather Deck

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